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Come On Feel The Noize

June 1, 2009
The only difference between these two musical performances, so far as I can tell, is that in only one does anyone burst into flame.

Which is good, because I don’t, as a rule, keep fire extinguishers in the diaper bag.

If Baryshnikov Were A Vertically-Challenged Vaudevillian…

January 29, 2009

… who was given to hitting the bottle before performances, it would probably look something like this:

I make no apologies. I mean, what are babies for?

Sunday Morning Music Show: I’m A Lumberjack Edition

January 11, 2009
Urban Forestry from Her Bad Father on Vimeo.

And if at first you don’t succeed…

Urban Forestry, Part II from Her Bad Mother on Vimeo.

(It’s a toy. DUH.)

(She likes it because Daddy has one. We have a property with a sizable acreage of forest that we tend under the terms of a forest management plan, and that plan involves strategic cutting necessary for the forest’s sustainability, and why am I explaining all this? Emilia likes chainsaws. That’s kind of awesome.)

(Awesome, so long as she doesn’t remain committed to the idea of deforesting schoolyards and parkland.)

Sunday Morning Music Show: Comedy Edition

January 4, 2009

It takes the baby a minute to get the joke, but when he does, he falls out of his seat laughing. I’m that way about fruit jokes, too.

(Sunday Morning Music Show: Music Editions are on indefinite hold until the girl retires the burlesque, no-pants version of her show, which is entirely NSFW. Nude comedy, on the other hand, can be shot waist up, so.)


Speaking of Nashville, which I wasn’t, but still: I’m speaking at next month’s Blissdom conference, and although I can’t promise to be enlightening or anything, I can promise to have a baby attached to my hip and to maybe fall down if I have a glass of wine. You should totally come watch.

Sunday Morning Music Show*: Clothing Optional Christmas Edition

December 21, 2008
Because Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is best sung loud, and without underpants.

*Filmed Saturday night, but still. It was Sunday morning somewhere.

Sunday Morning Music Show

December 7, 2008

Because Sunday morning is always better with music, and, also, without pants:

Sunday Morning Music Show: Rock Out With Me from Catherine Connors on Vimeo.