Twelve years ago, today, we married. Twelve years ago today, we were only two, but we held our future in our hearts and we knew that it was bigger, so much bigger, than we two.

Twelve years later, we hold our future in our arms; we clutch our two to our chests and marvel at how we have grown, how our hearts have grown, how our life has grown, how it continues to grow.

Our future is so much bigger, so much bigger than we can know.

(This is the only photo in existence of the four of us together. Which, I know, is shameful. We need, I think, to get our asses to Sears Portrait Studio. Otherwise we may need to resort to this again.)

54 Responses to “Duodecade”

  1. marymurtz Says:

    Awwww!!! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Lady M Says:

    Happy Anniversary!

    We’re working on getting a picture of the four of us where there aren’t at least two of us drooling or asleep.

  3. carrie Says:

    Yay! Another September anniversary!

    Happy Happy to you both! Go out and celebrate!

  4. jenB Says:

    Man, that mullet family photo kills me everytime.

  5. April Says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  6. Mrs. Schmitty Says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  7. motherbumper Says:

    Still love the mullet photo but this one is a very close second. Happy Anniversary and get thee to a portrait gallery stat.

  8. nomotherearth Says:

    Well, someone always has to be behind the camera, right?? It’s frakin’ impossible!

    Congratulations! On everything.

  9. Amelia Sprout Says:

    Happy Anniversary. Oh, I hear you on the family photo. I have very few pictures of me with M, and no family ones other than a very bad hair Christmas morning one. We needed one for daycare too, so yesterday I figured out how the timer on the digital camera works and we took a few. We picked the one where we were all looking at the camera.

  10. Mia Says:

    Happy Anniversary. Making it 12 years is a feat!


  11. Heather Says:

    Congrats on 12 years!

    We have only 1 photo of the 5 of us too.

  12. Vicki Says:

    Happy Anniversary!! The only pic I have of all 4 of us is the one I bought in a moment of weakness at the aquarium where they catch you as you come out and say stand here and snap it. It was actually pretty good even though neither one of the babies were looking at the camera. And the mullet family photo killed me. OMG it was hilarious. Go get yourselves to Sears soon. I love that place. The photo woman there is awesome with my little dudes.

  13. bessie.viola Says:

    Happy anniversary! You have a beautiful family.

  14. ComfyMom~Stacey Says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  15. WaltzInExile Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Our 12th is coming up in October; ALL the cool kids got married in the fall of ’96, huh?

  16. Auds at Barking Mad Says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  17. wherewiller Says:

    As I like to say to my husband, if I got hit by a bus today, THEY WOULDN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT I LOOKED LIKE because I take every photo. And I’ve had the same freak out with the daycare-requested family photo. We just didn’t have one, until we had to get my parents to take one of us for that reason.

    And happy anniversary!

  18. RiceWenchie Says:

    Catherine, Thank you for opening a window to your life. I appreciate your sense of humor and perspective on parenthood & life. :o)

    Happy anniversary!

  19. Redneck Mommy Says:

    Wow! Does E ever look like her daddy. Minus the facial hair of course.


    Here’s to twelve more years of marital harmony and a life filled with love and joy. And twelve more after that.

    And Catherine. Don’t make me lecture you about putting off the family portrait. We did and now we will never have a true family portrait with Bug gone.

    Get thee ass to a photographer. STAT.

    Don’t let this become one of your greatest regrets like mine.

    *Such a cheery thought, eh?*

    Now, go give thy husband a blow job or something.


  20. Christina Says:

    Awww…even right after a traumatic birth you’re still beautiful.

    (And I hear you about the family portrait thing. We don’t have a single pic of the four of us.)

    Happy anniversary!

  21. for a different kind of girl Says:

    Happy anniversary! My husband and I are bearing down on 14 years, and yeah, we need to do the family portrait thing soon. It’s shamefully been nearly 5 years for that.

    Enjoy your day!

  22. lavandula Says:

    happy anniversary to you both!..love makes wonderful,beautiful things grow doesn’t it….

  23. paper napkin Says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  24. Pgoodness Says:

    Happy Anniversary!!

  25. Schmutzie Says:

    I second the above sentiments.
    Happy Anniversary!

  26. Cynthia Samuels Says:

    Happy happy dozen anniversary!
    That is a ridiculously wonderful photo of the four of you – all drunkenly happy looking on what I assume is the first day of Jasper’s life. Makes up for hundreds of missing ones.
    By the way, strangers in the park are usually very nice at snapping a group pic – ditto any nosey, “aren’t they cute” person on the sidewalk or in the museum. NOT that I’ve ever had to resort to that……

  27. Mac and Cheese Says:

    No family photo here either. Happy Anniversary!

  28. rantsalamode Says:

    Congratulations! A man who supports his wife in being as smart and as insightful as you are every day in such a public forum is a confident one who is a great partner. MAny other men could learn a lot from him….

  29. Jenn Says:

    Happy Anniversary !

  30. 04kids Says:

    I was there that day, it was a beautiful wedding, a beautiful day, you both were beautiful in your love for each other. Congratulations for creating an enviroment for your love, that resulted in such a wonderful family.

  31. Niksmom Says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  32. She sure is strange! Says:

    Happy Happy Anniversary!! My husband and I share it with you but this is our 18th.

    Hope you have many, many more!


  33. mothergoosemouse Says:

    So lovely. Happy anniversary to you both.

  34. Miss Grace Says:

    Happy anniversary!

    There is only one photo in the whole of the existence of the universe that has my parents and all five of us kids. It’s about ten years old, and we all look terrible. As far as I know, it’s the only one that’s ever even been TAKEN, which boggles my mind because my parents are happily married, we siblings are all close, and we’re all together all the time.

  35. mommy2twindaughters Says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  36. Michelle Says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  37. Maggie May Says:

    lovely blog and writing, i stumbled across you and have enjoyed reading through your honest posts.

  38. Karen (miscmum) Says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  39. Emma's Mom Says:

    Happy Anniversary too! My husband and I were married 7 years ago today (11 days after Sept 11th!!). I love reading your blog because it reminds me so much of my family. We have a 3 year old little girl and a 4 mo old son. I found you while I was also going through bloody boobie hell and it was nice to know someone else was too. Thanks for sharing with all of us. BTW, I haven’t gotten around to doing a picture of all four of us at all yet!! So don’t feel bad. =)

  40. anna Says:

    happy anniversary!

  41. Bloor West Mama Says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!!

    Awwww…what a great post and beautiful picture of the four of you.

  42. HeatherY Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Love the pic of the whole family.

  43. The Mrs. Says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  44. Kate Says:

    Hear ya on the family portrait… last pic taken of all four of us was in May 2006. It’s so sad…

    Happy Anniversary!

  45. Irene Says:

    Get thee to a proper photographer quickly. You must be represented properly for the generations to come after you.

    Other than that, happy anniversary, as a cynic, I can only say, work at it and make it last, never rest on you laurels, it can very easily be lost.

  46. Booba Juice Says:

    Yes, as another mother who can never seem to get to the portait studio, go…just make the appointment…don’t put it off another day…I will try and do the same….tomorrow…LOL

    OH, and congratulations… 🙂

  47. Angella Says:

    Congratulations on 12 years!

    If I weren’t all the way across the country I would be over there in a heartbeat to take a family photo.

  48. BOSSY Says:


  49. Issas Crazy World Says:

    I don’t know, it’s an amazing picture to me.

    Congrats on twelve years.

  50. Michele Says:

    My children are the same age as yours! We have the same one and only family photo except hubby’s eyes are closed, two year old is in a full back arch, baby is screaming and I am grimacing a post- C-section kinda grimace. Despite all that, it is still in a frame….an ugly/beautiful moment frozen in time…Happy Anniversary!

  51. Rebecca Says:

    Happy anniversary!

    “We held our future in our hearts…now we hold our future in our arms” is a beautiful sentiment. I am totally stealing it for my hubby’s anniversary card!

  52. Shamelessly Sassy Says:

    Happy Belated Anniversary. You have such a beautiful family.

  53. Rachael Says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  54. katelin@m80im.com Says:

    what a sweet post. you are one adorable family. happy anniversary!

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