Oh, Those Gods And Their Quirky Sense Of Humor!

How much do the gods hate me right now? Let me count the ways:

1) We’re only one week into what is probably going to be a three-plus week (factoring in the holidays) wait to find out anything about that damnable test, and I’m already feeling punchy about it;

2) I have the MOTHER OF ALL HEAD COLDS and cannot take anything to relieve the congestion and IT SUCKS;

3) Her Bad Father has the father of all head colds – his first head cold all year long – and even though he can take all those delicious anti-decongestant meds, he’s still miserable and fully willing to bitch about it;

4) We’re moving in two days. No, we haven’t finished packing; thanks for asking!

5) Wonderbaby has an eye infection, probably pink eye, and can’t go to daycare and keeps emptying the few boxes that I manage to pack in my sick, miserable state;

6) Did I mention that we’re moving? And that we’re sick? And that Wonderbaby can’t go to daycare and that she keeps unpacking my boxes and repacking them in her own, uniquely inefficient and exceedingly messy toddler fashion? (My bring boots to new house! My bring Toadstool! My bring juice! My bring diapers! My bring kitty! PUT IN BOX! My helping Mommy!)

(Those diapers that she packs? Not always, um, new diapers. Sometimes, they come right off her ass and straight into the box, right alongside the sippy cup, the boots and the cat.)

On the plus side, we do get a pretty new house. Also, we’ve been having rousing family discussions about penises and boobies and what goes into diapers, and that’s always fun. Oh, and Wonderbaby’s school pictures came in:

Please HORDE proofs and upload to Photoshop even if you plan on ordering EVERY available print in multiple.

Maybe it all balances out in the end.

52 Responses to “Oh, Those Gods And Their Quirky Sense Of Humor!”

  1. Maddy Says:

    But the photos still make your heart melt right?

    On the headcold front [me too] most effective short term fix?

    Track down some Olbas oil. Put six drops in a bowl of hot water. Put bowl on steady table. Sit on chair next to table. Put head over bowl and breathe in the fumes. Drape big bath towel over your head and the bowl and steam yourself for 10 – 20 minutes. Ensure that you have several loo rolls at arms reach to mop up the slime that will emerge.

    Side benefit = clean skin.

    Warming, sudden removal of several gallons of trapped slime may make you feel a little light headed because your head is lighter!

    This is my calling card or link“Whittereronautism”until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

  2. liv Says:

    bless you, C. hang in there and get moved… i did that while sick in september and it was unbelievably terrible. wishing you better.

  3. Tere Says:

    What I want to know is, what happened between shots on the left and the ones on the right?

    Either way, too precious!

  4. Her Bad Mother Says:

    Tere – clearly, they brushed her hair or flattened it down or whatever. Which we DON’T do, because, you know, it seems so futile. it’s not really hair, you know. It’s blonde fuzz.

  5. Mac and Cheese Says:

    How are you going to refrain from ordering all eight of those shots? She looks angelic!

    One day this packing-up-the-house story will be a funny memory?

  6. b*babbler Says:

    Two days? You move in TWO DAYS? Yikes!

    Oh, those photos. Those darling darling photos…

    (Let me know if I can be of any help at all… really…)

  7. Jenifer Says:

    Maybe the movers will take pity and help you pack up? The photos are adorable!

  8. flutter Says:


    I just love her.

  9. toyfoto Says:

    My word, those pictures are gud.

    Hope you’ve got your feet up and taking advantage of slave toddler help!

  10. painted maypole Says:

    cute pix! wow.

    good luck with moving.

  11. Lady M Says:

    She’s so gorgeous! We did not have such good luck with Q’s school pictures. For a good laugh (Oct 28 post, if the link doesn’t work):


    We’re moving in six days. Nothing packed.

    Good luck!

  12. nomotherearth Says:

    Sucks to be sick and pregnant, and not able to take drugs. I was there not to long ago.

    OMG is WB ever beautiful! Those are stunning pictures. I would order every one too.

  13. Magpie Says:

    Those pictures are great! I am jealous, because this year we got ONE shot – they chose – instead of lots to look at. You should turn her into a flip book.

    Good luck moving.

  14. Kris Says:

    Holy crap. Hang in there.

    On the upside, your daughter is so cute. They get so big so fast.

  15. Badness Jones Says:

    POOR LITTLE BUNNY! I had a sinus infection when I was expecting the Princess, so I feel for you. A hot shower helps relieve the congestion, but not for long…I think I took 5 a day.

    On the upside, WB is gorgeous! She must get that from you!! 🙂

  16. Wright Says:

    What a sweetie! She is so cute.

    I hope you feel better soon and that the move goes smoothly.


  17. Cara Says:

    I can feel your pain. I just went through all that. Sick with a sinus infection, moved into a new house and a 16 months old.
    As my sister always say “this too shall pass”. It did but we moved a month ago and there are still tons of boxes that need to be emptied.
    I may just leave them for Bubbie to empty Christmas morning.
    Pics- so adorable!

  18. Liz Says:

    we’re sick, too. and the joy and hilarity of pregnant sick mommy and sick toddler boy… wow, there just aren’t words.
    there are, however, so many words to describe those school photos of WB. OMG, is she beautiful and precious and delicious and gorgeous and…coy!
    we also move. in two weeks. good luck with your move, C. it’ll all be over soon. right?

  19. Mom Ma'am Me Says:

    WB is so gorgeous. Wow.

    Sorry about the diaper-packing thing, though. I know that’s getting old (along with all the other stuff.)

    Hang in there. xoxoxo

  20. Kyla Says:

    My favorite part was clicking on the photos to make them large and seeing her wee little nickname in the title. I love her nickname, it is so endearing.

    She is a gorgeous little thing, isn’t she?

  21. Beck Says:

    What’s more fun then moving with a toddler and while pregnant, scared and sick? Oh, not much. And this is why I’m going to stay in this house until I rot.

  22. Hannah Says:

    I also have a miserable head cold and can’t take anything for it thanks to small # 2. My sympathies. I knew I was in trouble when I saw that Buckley’s ad with all the people making the “that tastes awful” face and I was jealous of them for being able to have some.

    Your packing experience sounds exactly like our packing experience back in May. Just wait ’til you get to the new house and start unpacking. You’ll find treasures untold from Wonderbaby. And those pictures, by the way, are awesome.

    Hang in there and good luck!

  23. Laural Dawn Says:

    GREAT pictures!! She’s so cute.
    I just got over a head cold. It was horrible. I had a sinus infection and I did get a prescription (if you have time to go to a doctor!). Tylenol helps a bit.
    Can you hire movers to help you pack boxes?

  24. metro mama Says:

    Oh, dude. That’s madness. I wish I could come and help you pack but Cakes is also home from school this week and making me crazy.

    She really looks like you in these pics!

  25. Don Mills Diva Says:

    So sorry you’re dealing with so much – yikes! Missed you on Tuesday but it’s understandable. Those pictures are just precious.

  26. the dragonfly Says:

    Many many hopes that things get better!

    Precious, precious pictures. 🙂

  27. Anonymous Says:

    oh HBM sure hope you feel well soon…yeah toddlers are so helpful aren’t they stinkerbells new fave thing is to clean the bathroom sink with sopping wet toilet paper(its ok its water from tap!)and then rinse the paper down the drain arghhh its clogged and a beetch to clean out hahahaLAVANDULA

  28. Fidget Says:

    neilmed sinus rinse kit.. no really. It’s like snorting pool water but it knocks the heck out of any sinusy sickness crap. It whooped a sinus infection I had in 2 days flat without antibiotics.

    and dont feel bad. We were packing the day we moved and 1/2 out crap got thrown into our cars totally NOT packed!!

  29. liz Says:

    Baby…so…delicious….losing consciousness from sweetness!

    Hot cups of chamomile tea with lots of sugar while watching “You’ve Got Mail”.

    Hire the movers to pack for you.

  30. Julie Pippert Says:

    Wonderful photos!!

    I do the same go crazy with photo ordering thing when I get a cute picture of my girls. Luckily for the wallet that’s rare.

    GL on the move, LOL at Wonderbaby’s “help,” hang in there for time (which hopefully passes quickly) and your OB is a sadist to ban all decongestants. Mine at least let me have some minimal ones.


    Using My Words

  31. Mimi Says:

    OMG. Um, someday you’ll look back on this … and, um … wonder how you ever got through it? Yeesh.

    And the WB is so FREAKING CUTE! Wow. Um, I should email you Munchkin’s daycare photo. She looks like a baby hobo (“Baby Hobo!” she yells …) because I forgot it was picture day, she’s wearing ratty clothes, has wild hair, and there’s a big trail of drool down the front of her shirt, she’s slouching, and wrinkling her whole face up. So, pretty true to life 🙂

    WB is angelic. Good luck with the packing, man. I’m feeling for you. For everything. (And I’ve got multiple copies in multiple formats of You’ve Got Mail, if you’re keen to follow Liz’s advice …)

  32. JaniceNW Says:

    I hope you and hub feel better in a rapod fashion, wishing good vibes for the moon and already praying about the test results!! Don’t forget to rest if you can.

  33. bubandpie Says:

    Those photos are just astonishingly beautiful.

    And I’m not sure I know what the word “punchy” means. That you want to punch someone? Or that you feel as if you’ve had way too much vodka-laced Christmas punch? Or both?

  34. mothergoosemouse Says:

    Good gravy, is she ever CUTE?! The pictures and the actions.

    (Not necessarily helpful, but damn cute.)

  35. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, isn’t that Shiloh Jolie-Pitt?

  36. Animal Says:

    Photos are LOVELY! WonderBaby is, in fact, a wonder-baby. I personally like the cute, almost-too-porcelain look of #156. She’s adorable. And precocious…a deadly combo, right?

    Feel better. Enjoy the new house.

  37. iheartchocolate Says:

    OH MYYYY what a gorgeous little baby you have there. Holy moly, her eyes are SO pretty, and the pout, precious. I wish I could come and help you pack, I just got over my awful cold. I love cold medicine, and one day, you will have it again.

  38. Mom101 Says:

    Oh baby, I am so sending out good moving/healing/diaper discussion wishes out to you in every way.

    I vote for IMG_0120

    Meanwhile what are they going to do with your proofs if you don’t order, the cheap bastards? I never got that.

  39. deb Says:

    Moving, sick, pregnant, husband sick. Want something to cheer you up? Try this.

  40. Christine Says:

    your girl is so frigging adorable!

    hope you get well soon and that the move isn’t too much of a pain in the butt.

    and those tests? it’ll be ok. really.


    Running on empty

  41. Idie Says:

    Good luck! I had a nasty sinus infection too with my last pregnancy and found a Netti pot (simple saline sinus flushing/irrigation) worked like a miracle. Pharmacies sell them now or a simple gentle pressure saline bottle designed for sinus irrigation. It worked for me and all my friends I showed.
    Consider it, it may take few flushings for the saline to clear out the cold but it works wonders, I use them at the first sniffle or sign of allergy season.
    Incredible how salt and water can work miracles.

  42. Grim Reality Girl Says:

    Keeping good test results in my prayers — LOVE LOVE LOVE the proofs…… oh. my. goodness. HOW CUTE!

  43. The City Gal Says:

    Catherine, you have no right to complain about anything! Just look at these beautiful pictures of your super-smart healthy daughter.

    All the reason you need to feel lucky and happy.

    I read your post late, otherwise I would come and baby-sit while you are trying to move (I am a good baby-sitter!)

    Lots of love and good wishes for you

  44. Sandy C. Says:

    Hope the move went well and everyone is on the mend..Her proofs are adorable!

  45. Ruth Dynamite Says:

    Thinking of you.

    These pics are adorable!

  46. crazymumma Says:

    good godess she is beautiful.

    good luck when she is 13.

  47. Mardougrrl Says:

    She is absolutely…wow. Astonishingly gorgeous! My Madam agrees she looks like a “fairy” LOL.

    And oh, I feel you on the moving and the toddler packing (if its anything like toddler filing and toddler laundry and toddler dusting, yikes). Hope you all feel better soon!

  48. the new girl Says:

    I had a few of those shit-storms when I was pregnant.

    Sending you well-wishes and good energy.

    Your description of the baby helping you pack a box is the best, ever. And also, she is the absolute most beautiful girl in the world, I think.

  49. lildb Says:

    can’t quite tell if it’s 0156 or 0158 but it’s my FAVorite.

    also, I’ve been reading and worrying and praying (in my own, non-religious-y way) for you and your new baby and your family. just haven’t really been able to say anything profound or even semi-profound and, well, wanted you to know despite lack of profundity.

    and the move sounds just about right. i.e., gross. I’m sorry. yuck.

    but you have those photos, at least, and a box full of random, used diapers and boots. so there’s that.


  50. ewe are here Says:

    Horde horde horde.

    Gawd but she’s adorable!

  51. Christine Says:

    I’m so behind on all of my reading and commenting (we just moved, too).

    I wanted to tell you that I had an abnormal triple screen when I was pregnant with my son…1 in 87 percent chance he had Downs, as opposed to the 1 in 357 (ish) percent chance that it should have been because of my age.

    I was sick with worry; I had the amnio (which itself was a breeze). Waiting those two weeks was a nightmare…and I hardly believed it I got the word that all was fine.

    I know you know that the likelihood that all is well with your li’l one is fine…like my OB said to me at the time 86 out of 87 times women with the values at my age turn out to have quote/unquote healthy babies.

    I’ll be thinking of you.

    And Wonderbaby is gorgeous!!!

  52. Mrs. T Says:

    Oh, I love the snarky message at the bottom- of course you upload to Photoshop when they ask so nicely…
    The top row, 2nd from the left? Espcecially ADORABLE. I could eat her up.

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