My Blogroll

My dusty old blogroll, which I am forever neglecting to update. If you’d like to see your blog on this list, leave me a comment here and I’ll add it in! Note that it may take me some weeks to add your URL, depending upon how recently I’ve updated and whether or not I am suffering from PMS or some other pernicious hormone cocktail…

I don’t insist upon quid pro quo (quid pro blogroll?), but reciprocation is, of course, much appreciated.

  • BlogNetLife – Parenting – Cooool….
  • Adventures in Stepford
  • Anne Nahm
  • Baby In The City
  • The Blogfathers
  • Blog Whore
  • BridgerMama
  • Bunmaster
  • Cheeky Lotus
  • Chichimama
  • Chicky Chicky Baby
  • CrankMama
  • Crib Ceiling
  • Crouton Boy
  • DadGoneMad
  • Dad2Twins
  • Don’t Gel Yet (Cynthia)
  • Ewe Are Here
  • The Fashionable Housewife
  • Flexible Parenting
  • Funky Fat Girl
  • Gingajoy
  • Girl’s Gone Child
  • Glennia
  • Gooby Baby
  • Queen Bad Mama
  • Grim Reality Girl
  • He Makes Me Smile
  • Horkin Ramblings
  • Homesick Home
  • I Obsess
  • Irreverent Antisocial Intellectual
  • Issa’s World
  • Izzy
  • Jennster!
  • Jezewhiz
  • Karen Shanley
  • Kristi’s Mess
  • Life of ‘Pie
  • Life, The Ongoing Education (Lara)
  • Linkateria
  • Lion and Magic Boy
  • Madame Meow
  • Mama Tulip
  • Melanie in Orygun
  • Moxie
  • Mommybloggers
  • Mommy Needs a Martini
  • A Mommy Story
  • MotherBumper
  • MotherGooseMouse
  • Nikki
  • Martinis For Milk
  • Metro Mama
  • Mom-101
  • Mom-o-matic
  • Motherhood Uncensored
  • Mrs Fortune and her Cookie
  • Much More Than A Mom
  • Mulligan Years
  • My Momtra
  • Mystic Spiral Studio (That Puppet Lady)
  • Nine Pound Dictator
  • Oh, The Joys!
  • One Plus Two
  • Penelope and Bumblebee
  • PunditMom
  • Ravin Picture Maven
  • Red Dragons Angel
  • Redneck Mommy
  • Red Stapler
  • Something Baby Blue
  • Sunshine Scribe
  • SuperMommy
  • Sweet Juniper!
  • Sweetney
  • Three Times Three
  • Toddled Dredge
  • Troll Baby
  • White Trash Mom
  • WhyMommy
  • WordGirl
  • 127 Responses to “My Blogroll”

    1. Mel Says:

      Me! πŸ™‚

    2. mothergoosemouse Says:

      What happened to me? You know where I live, right?

    3. Her Bad Mother Says:

      Shame on me! Lazy Bad Mother!

      You’re in now!

    4. Nikki Says:

      May I please be added? It’s so hard to whore one’s blog these days.

    5. Em Says:

      Me too?!

    6. Mommy off the Record Says:

      I’m not too proud to beg. πŸ™‚

    7. Lotta Says:

      Hooring my blog!

    8. L. Says:

      I refuse to beg to be added to a blog roll. (Only because I am a pathetic failure at begging in any convincing way, and if I tried it, everyone would laugh at me, and I`d have to move again…) So I will be more subtle:

      I just added you to mine. AHEM. Hint, hint, hint.


    9. SUEB0B Says:

      Well, yes, of course!


    10. penelopeto Says:

      you can be my blog pimp.

      can i call you tito? huggy bear?

    11. reddragonsangel Says:

      Hi just found you- and love your blogs and basement and true wife confessions- just started my own- please check it out- not too sure if its any good- but them thats life isn’t it?Hope this is right-LOL

    12. metro mama Says:

      Me please!


    13. wordgirl Says:

      Why, yes! Thank you for asking.

    14. Karen Rani Says:

      Me please! It was great to meet you at BlogHer Miss Thang! You’re so smart! And pretty! πŸ™‚

    15. lildb Says:

      shucks. why not? I ain’t too proud to beg to be on your ‘roll. :p

    16. jennster Says:

      ahem- you dirty whore!

    17. Veronica Mitchell Says:

      Good heavens, woman! Inviting all your many fans to add themsleves to your roll? Your blogroll will be a mile long!

      Not that I won’t take you up on it.
      Toddled Dredge

    18. Lena Says:


    19. Irreverent Antisocial Intellectual Says:

      Not I, said the Irreverent Antisocial Intellectual.

    20. Oh, The Joys Says:

      It would be an honor to be on your blogroll. You’re FAMOUS!! (I added you to mine!)

    21. Mother Bumper Says:

      Hey I need in on the action πŸ˜‰

    22. Adventures in Stepford Says:

      yes, please ma’am, if you see fit to include me:

      Adventures in Stepford

    23. Queen of Spain Says:

      meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tooooooooooooo

    24. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah Says:

      Hook me up.

    25. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah Says:

      Um. I meant to say please.

      Hook me up, please.

    26. Melissa Says:

      Me! Me! Pick Me!

    27. anne nahm Says:

      Me please!

    28. CroutonBoy Says:

      I’m not generally into self-promotion, despite being a strapping young buck. However, I love your stuff and would be honored to be associated with it, even tangentially…

    29. Grim Reality Girl Says:

      You had me at “Bad is the new good.” May I quote you and can you add me to your list? I enjoy your blog — and nominate you for best blog name!

    30. Krisco Says:

      Well, if it’s not too too!!

      Plus we had such a lovely chat on feminism and doctoral thesi and changing them all around…

      Crib Ceiling

    31. sweetney Says:


    32. Betsy Says:

      See if you like these:

    33. Julie Pippert Says:

      I’d like it, but only if the admiration is mutual. πŸ™‚

      Ravin’ Picture Maven

    34. jen Says:

      shameless appeal for recognition here, by the bad mother herself..

    35. CrankMama Says:

      You can add me too if you want. My husband is getting tired of me saying “Did I tell you about that site ‘Her Bad Mother?'” to which he replies wearily, “Yes. About 1500 times. She sounds like your people.”

    36. Lance Says:

      Could you be a good mother for one second and add me in as well? Please.
      Thank you.

      Oh it’s

    37. Kim Says:

      Me too Please!
      The Adventures of Super-Mommy & Spitup Boy!

    38. kfk Says:

      What? I’m not here yet? If you don’t mind……me, too!

    39. Heather Says:

      I’d love to be added to your blog roll…

    40. PunditMom Says:

      Thanks for the offer! I heard it was impolite to ask! πŸ˜‰

    41. PunditMom Says:

      Thanks for the offer! I heard it was impolite to ask! πŸ˜‰

    42. A. Elliot Says:

      I’d love to be added to your blog roll. Thanks!
      Formula Fed and Flexible Parenting

    43. ewe are here Says:

      Someday I’m going to figure out how to do a blogroll of my very own. πŸ˜‰

      I really enjoy your blog!

    44. Ziomal Says:

      Very nice! I like it. dodge grand caravan review

    45. Gooby Baby Says:

      wow , I would LOVE to be on your blogroll ! Please add my blog

      Thank you ! Your blog rox !!!

    46. QueenieBadd Says:

      Seriously, as one bad mommy to another-you know you need to add me. Also because I have my own ginormous “before” photo from the birth of my first child. How many people do that? Probably everybody-what do I know…

      But I agree-bad is the new good. Especially when it’s spelled with two d’s.

    47. Glennia Says:

      I’d be honored to be added to your blogroll!

    48. queen of wt Says:

      It would make my life complete if you were to add white trash mom to your blogroll. I have your blog on my white trash official blogroll as well as the “hall of fame” blogroll. Be afraid or be honored….but I’d be complete if whitetrashmom got added to your blogroll.

    49. BlogWhore Says:

      Whoossh (blowing sound, blowing off the dust).

      Add me (for marketing sakes) to this list.

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    52. whymommy Says:

      I’d love to be added to your blogroll, HBM. Love your honesty and your committment to doing what’s right for Wonderbaby. Hope you’re enjoying some time for yourself this month and that you’re back to posting regularly (read ALL THE TIME!) soon! Come over and visit me anytime….

    53. Much More Than A Mom Says:

      Yes, please…


    54. Karen Says:

      Me, too, please!
      Lion and Magic Boy


      (who proves that you can be polite AND a shameless blogwhore at the same time!)

    55. Karen Shanley Says:

      My Life as a Writer, Mom, and Dog Lover.
      Thanks for the generosity.

    56. Madame M. Says:

      Thank you for your kind comment a while back. Please add me?

    57. Lara Says:

      wow, i am so behind the times. i’ve been reading you for coming close to a year, and i haven’t checked out your blogroll before. can i be added? very belatedly? πŸ™‚

    58. Cynthia Samuels Says:

      My dear philosopher queen – may I join?


    59. Mommy Needs a Martini Says:

      add me baybeeeee! πŸ˜‰

      Mommy Needs a Martini at

    60. s@m Says:

      Well, if you’re looking for some new friends to add, I suppose you can add me.

      Who am I kidding? Plllleeeeaaaaaasssseeeee! add me, add me, add me!!

      temporarily me

    61. Andi Says:

      I would be honored to be included on your blogroll, I’ve finally decided to do something about my own.

      Be well,

      Andi (aka That Puppet Lady)

    62. My MoMtra Says:

      Please add me to your Blogroll. I’m new to this. Hope you check me out at

    63. Jerri Says:

      let me try again:

      ME ME ME ME

    64. Elizabeth Says:

      You’ve been on my blogroll since we met at Blogher last year, and I would LOVE to be on yours!-Elizabeth

    65. binkytown Says:

      Boy are you going to be sorry you asked when you find out you have 500 requests. Or 501- just because you volunteered- add me too! (please)

    66. Mad Hatter Says:

      I know you drop by for a cuppa now and then, so if’n you want to keep stoppin’ by just add

    67. Robbin Says:

      oooh! Me, please! My Level of Awareness at:

      (trying to type quietly – working from home with a sleepy, sick, toddler)

    68. daysgoby Says:

      I would be so honored…

    69. Amy Jo Says:

      I would love to be in there!

    70. Adventures in Baby Fat Says:

      Now, who is the true whorish one that I beg after some many whoring ones before me? Whoring is good since we’ve done it so tastefully, right?!

      Please add me! I’ve had you on my Bloglines for a while now BUT would happily add you to my blogroll.


    71. merseydotes Says:

      I’ll blogroll yours if you blogroll mine.

    72. You Are My Sunshine Says:

      I’m just starting! Would love some publicity and your blog seems to be THE PLACE these days.
      It would be an honor to be included in your blogroll πŸ™‚

    73. Heather Says:

      Uh me? Linky love is already there. Y’know, when you aren’t adding the bajillion other people who already commented. hah.

    74. Plain Jane Mom Says:

      Dude! I’m begging you!

    75. Mr Big Dubya Says:

      I’m grabbing CroutonBoy’s coattails and asking for a mention as well. I’m shedding my cloak of invisibility, coming out of hiding and de-lurking to be included.

      Thank you.

    76. Jenn Says:

      are lurkers allowed?? I’ve commented on occasion… πŸ˜›

      if you are so inclined, I’m at

      much thx!

    77. Sara Says:

      Gee, room for one more, Her Bad Mother? How about a reader and sometimes commenter (me) at The Estrogen Files-

      Thanks for the consideration. Also, you’re already on MY site. (Linky Love, someone said? Sounds kinda… dirty?)

    78. Michelle Says:

      So glad we have you syndicated at MommyClub – Canadian Moms LOVE your blog!! And we already knew everyone else does to … just look at them all! Way to go!

    79. Susanne Says:

      Me too please:


      And of course you already are on my blogroll.

      Which I created out of my bloglines-list with a little widget that they have. That certainly saves time. No more updating the blogroll.

    80. mayberry Says:

      Me please!

    81. Jeremiah McNichols Says:


      Z Recommends or

      You have been on our blogroll for a long time now (well, months, which is long in our blogging life)…

    82. Danielle Meehan Says:

      Ohh, can I join in the blogroll goodness? It’s so rare that you can whore your site out. Besides I love your blog!

    83. Amber Says:

      I would be HONORED to be on Her Bad Blogroll….
      Amber That Crazy Bloggin’ Canuck

    84. SuburbanOblivion Says:

      Once you have kids the opportunity to whore yourself out comes so seldomly..Would love to join the party!

    85. Kate Says:

      Is there room for one more?

    86. Devra Says:

      are we not bad enough to be included? Tell us what bad acts are required and we’ll do em!

    87. modmom Says:

      mother may i?

    88. feener Says:

      adding you to my reads please do the same…thanks

    89. Two Shews Says:

      Um. Me, please!

      I lurve your blog. Thanks for sharing with us!

    90. Stimey Says:

      I’d love to be a part of the bad is the new good movement. I’ve recently discovered you (and added you to my blogroll). Drop by Stimeyland sometime if you’d like:

    91. Carol H Says:

      I just found you and am starting to go through your archives. You sound like my kind of Blogger πŸ˜‰ Adding you to my blogroll…. Now! LOL

    92. SoundHunter Says:

      Please add me, will reciprocate, had you bookmarked to link to next time I update my links anyways πŸ™‚

    93. SoundHunter Says:

      erm…like this

      :::: wife mom maniac ::::


    94. Magpie Says:


      You rock!

    95. Tracey Says:

      Um, Can I be your friend too?

    96. liv Says:

      can I be in? bec. i’m so totally into you. πŸ™‚

    97. velocibadgergirl Says:

      You’re already in my blogroll (pre-reciprocation?), so if you’ve got room for one more, I’m not to proud to grovel a little:

      Pardon the Egg Salad

    98. savia Says:

      Thanks πŸ˜‰

    99. Susannah Says:

      Can I play? πŸ™‚
      I would love to be added to your blog roll. You’re already on mine!

    100. Badness Jones Says:

      I’d love to be added – you’re already on mine

    101. RenΓ©e Says:

      i’d like to be added; take your time. thx

    102. CMP Says:

    103. The Captain's Wife Says:

      I would LOVE to be added to your scroll. I have enjoyed reading through several of the blogs you have listed and really enjoy yours.

    104. Heather Says:

      I have to say that I’m guessing you’re not suffering from PMS anymore.

    105. The Redheaded Lefty Says:

      Please add mememe!

      The Redheaded Lefty

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    107. Kelley Says:

      I know half these people! I must be cool then!

      Especially that Online Pharmacy guy, yeah he is a riot!

    108. PicaboMama Says:

      Wow, that pharmacy guy is quite the wordsmith! I really enjoy your blog. Come see mine, pretty please!

    109. Darcie Says:

      I’d love to be on it…


    110. Laurie of the Seven Stories Says:

      Never met a crazy, narcissitic,zombie pimp that I didn’t like. Count me in!

    111. air bed Says:

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    112. Diane Says:

      Please add me. You are already on mine.

    113. apathy lounge Says:

      Stalkers made me change my blog name and URL. Half of the Sky/Wordgirl is now Apathy Lounge

    114. Valentina Says:

      Me too! Why me, do you ask?! you’ll have to visit me to find out! Love you blog, btw!

      Mapleleaf In the Alps is my name…

    115. HIP_M0M Says:

      Please add me:

      Happy Healthy Hip Parenting

    116. Mommy Melee Says:

      Added you over at Mommy Melee. πŸ™‚


    117. Sweet Serendipity Says:

      Seriously? I’d love to get in on the action. You are too too generous. Has this train already left the station? I’m scrambling through the turnstyle.
      ~Sweet Serendipity

      BTW~ your blog totally rocks, you have a gift. You are blogrolled for sure.

    118. Sweet Serendipity Says:

      Seriously? I’d love to get in on the action. You are too too generous. Has this train already left the station? I’m scrambling through the turnstyle.
      ~Sweet Serendipity

      BTW~ your blog totally rocks, you have a gift. You are blogrolled for sure.

    119. Moms on Media Says:

      Moms on Media would love to become a part of your blog roll!

      and of course we’ll reciprocate!

    120. califmom Says:

      I would give you one of my kids to be listed on your blogroll. Okay, I’d give you one of my kids anyway, just ‘cuz.

      Blog name: califmom


    121. CMP Says:

    122. CP Says:

      We love you over at 3giraffes and have listed you since Day 1. We’d love to be included on your blog roll.

    123. Auds at Barking Mad Says:

      Would love to be added!


    124. The Yummy Mummy Says:

      Oh yeah! Please count me in…when you get a chance between cocktails.

    125. erinfrances Says:

      I’d love to be added, too! (I’m called “This is Life.” Well, my blog is … Anyhow.)


    126. anna Says:

      yeah, add me after you get done with all the viagra and penis enlargments . . .


    127. Birdwatcher Says:

      Too late to be added?

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